So some of the readers who read the first part of this piece, were a bit conflicted, and didn’t understand what exactly does I meant when I said, no contraceptive will ever save you or your spiritual life from being destroyed.

As we get older and older, we get to learn more and more about sex, STIs, STDs and contraceptives. Now the main purpose that contraceptives serves is to protect you from being pregnant or catching any STDs and STIs. And in cases whereby you find yourself having an unprotected, there’s something called PrEP.

Now most of you might be wondering what exactly is PrEP, PrEP is a medication that is given to a person who has had an unprotected sex and thinks or fears they might maybe have contracted HIV/AIDS and it is only given to that person only if their HIV blood test results came back negative. This will then prevent you from being infected with HIV and it is very important that you don’t go back to having an unprotected sex.

When we look at this in a spiritual way, as people we are made of other things that are beyond medical or scientific understanding. We are made of Mind, Spirit or Soul and body. Now when we talk about the BODY, the body can heal but the spirit won’t heal, so in this case when our spirits are wounded there’s only one who is above us who has the medication for our spirits, and he is God. So this means what you feed to your body, you can’t feed it your spirit. Just as much as going to church every Sunday is not enough for your spiritual life, so is taking contraceptives, it’s not enough for your spiritual life.

Someone suggested that before being in a sexual activity one should rub holy water on their private parts. Now am asking myself, what good would it do when you actually don’t care about your body count?

That’s why we still find very educated or experienced, skilled and talented people, who everyone could see that this person isn’t supposed to be living this kind of life. They’re supposed to be living a much better life. Then a few years down the line we find that the reason this is happening to this person is because throughout his years he’s been very ignorant of how many people and who he had sex with.

Or after some time we find that one lady or man can’t get married or stay in a relationship for a long time. Then years down the line we find that this person because of their uncontrollable need for sex, he or she has spiritual wives or spiritual husbands or even spiritual kids. So guys these are very dangerous beings, they’re very jealous and can destroy your life forever.

That’s why it’s very important to mind our body count. I would say it’s best to keep ourselves for the people who will spend the rest of their lives with us.

And a piece of advice, keep God close to your heart and in your life. And most importantly just the same way you’re protecting your body from illnesses, isn’t it time for you to take care and protect your spirit?