I just feel like the moment you left was the moment I needed you the most. You don’t get the pain I’m feeling everyday just because of love. I could write a million quotes about my emotions because they are so many and so deep but I just hope you found your perfect match that would complete your constellation of Zodiac Love and Emotions.

It has been proven that ‘She’ was the right girl for you and I wasn’t . The person whom you met five minutes ago, suddenly Yiphakade Lakho that this understandable relation we share, she just stole you from me in minutes she appeared . Maybe its because she’s got a beautiful and thin body , and I’m insecure I’ve got those large curves, and her hair is always up to date . We share similar backgrounds and once I thought we were soulmates. I pray for you more than I pray for myself, get that. While you are busy sleeping an eight hour sleep while I sleep four hours, thinking about you.

I’m tired of caring and torturing myself for the person who has totally forgotten my existence. I’m sure you took all our dreams and portrayed it to her, but for what it’s worth it’s fine. You will never get someone like me.