There was this boy called Siyanda , a loving ,caring boy .I had a crush on him , one morning he waved at me (i was so happy ) and I ingored him I only wanted his attention .One day he approached me and we greeted each other and he started telling me that he loves me and whatsoever .

We started dating and dating for 3 years not knowing that he is cheating on me with this “girl”

I approached him and i asked him why will he do that after I have sacrificed my life on him guess what he said to me” I did not ask you to sacrifice your life on me you are so stupid , I don’t event love you all I wanted was sleeping with you and it’s over “. I was surprised I did not know what to say I said to me that I will never trust a boy again in my life !

MORAL OF THE STORY : Do not let boys play with you never trust a boy☠️