He left me unexpected while I was still drunk in love with him I loved him with my whole heart and still today I still love him but he choose her over me. He choose the girl I was close to over our relationship. My name is Amahle and I’m a 22-year-old and currently doing my last year as an Engineer.

It was three years back when I met Vusi, I was in grade 12 at the time. He was new at my Kasi and luckily we were going to the same church. He was a great singer as I was too. Music brought me and my soulmate together. The first time speaking we were at church, and we would greet each other for some time. After a few weeks, I got his contact details from a mutual friend of ours cause I needed a driver.

Well I contacted him and he agreed to drive me to Bushbuckridge; along the way we had a great chat knowing each other. I so wished that the moment would have lasted longer but then it has passed. When we got back we continued to talk over the phone for some time but this time it was for a different reason.

He told me how much he enjoyed spending time with me and how I make him happy. I fell in love with him and the feeling was so deep. At church we would always go together and after church we will always stay behind just to rehearse for the next day’s practice. Music was our bond until he invited me to his place. I went there and we spent time together, we laughed, kissed and did a lot of singing. That moment was ours to enjoy and l miss every bit of it.

Our relationship continued for two weeks and we broke up. He didn’t give me a valid reason why he broke up with me but he said that’s cause we using the same surname and its not the right thing. Yes I know it was stupid dating someone with the same surname as me but he charmed and lured me I couldn’t resist him.

After our break up I found out he is dating a lady close to my heart, I couldn’t believe it until he himself came and told me the whole truth. I was hurt I don’t want to lie and what’s hurts the most is the lady never knew about my relationship with Vusi, we both never told her anything until today. I just congratulated her on the new relationship. I won’t lie first I was jealous but when time went by I started forgetting about him.

Seven months after we broke up he made contact and asked for us to meet up. I wasn’t busy so I agreed to it but it never happened. One day while shopping around I bumped into him at the complex, we had a little chat where he told me that he still loves me and misses me a lot. I was just a kid back then I only smiled and told him I miss him too. He asked for us to meet and talk about our relationship and again I agreed to something and again that didn’t even happen.

To me the mission was to win him back and make him break up with the lady. But it seemed impossible, it’s like these people were meant to be. Again we went awol without talking until one day we met a the retail store, we had another chat and asked each how life is treating us. We couldn’t talk about ourselves cause they were a lot of people around us, so we kept the conversation short.

On our last meet up he found me walking back home from town and we went back home together. On the way, he asked me how am I doing? How’s the job haunting process going? All those general questions. I then asked him the same questions and he answered as he is improving and I was impressed. He then said he still wants me back and he misses the little time we spent together, and I’m still as beautiful as I was back then. I couldn’t hold myself I just smiled and looked at him.

He kept on flirting with me and deep inside he was winning me. I didn’t say a thing so he decided to tell me that he will call me later so we can talk over the phone. I agreed but asked him if he still had my number and he replied, “I’ll see what I can do but I’ll call.” 

I didn’t fight him. We then went our separate ways.

Later indeed he did call telling me how beautiful I am and how foolish he was to let me go. All those speeches boys say to us in order to get us back. I remembered all the pain I’ve had to endure just because he chose a person close to me. over me. How it hurts to see them holding hands in public, while I sing, “That should be me” by Justin Bieber to myself. 

I didn’t take long to reply, I only told him if he really did love me he wouldn’t have let go of me in the first place. He would have fought for me and our love. He wouldn’t have just chosen someone close to me, if he loved me he would have stayed with me. Yes, I love him with my whole heart but I guess he’ll remain as that guy I’ve once loved. He is mine nor hers but unfortunately in this life, he is hers, not mine.