Happiness. It’s not only a word that describes a joyful emotion or being delighted in a moment. It is more than what people think of it to be in others’ lives. Happiness can be a goal. It can be in one’s achievement list as a goal headed to be achieved. We may see people smiling all differently but we never know what lies deep inside their hearts.


There is a lot that people may encounter on their journeys but choose to keep to themselves. Happiness is not only smiling and dancing with your feet up high. It’s not the wealth you have, the fancy stuff you own, or how many people like you. Some have all those mentioned and more but still struggle to balance the happiness in their lives. Happiness sometimes is inner peace. Happiness is knowing your worth more than anything in life. It’s giving back to those in need.


Take off all the inhumanity inside yourself and replace it with courage. Happiness doesn’t necessarily care about the smiles you make daily or how much fun you have annually. You can still smile with no happiness, that’s called faking a smile. You can still go to all the fun places but that doesn’t give an assurance as to whether you’re happy or not. The peace that you bring into your own life is the actual happiness that covers all.


Erasing all the bad memories and coming to an acceptance that life put you where you are right now. Being happy doesn’t have to be proven to the world, you just let your heart show it. It’s the care and comfort that will bring peace into your space. Acceptance that what flows shall flow and what doesn’t will automatically stop. Happiness to me is not only covering your face with a cute smile but finding peace within your heart with all there is within your surroundings, your history, and working on constructing a strongly built future.