There was a girl named Chloe. It was on the 21st of March, the year 1960. She was an introvet, very humble and always indoors. She never went to parties like her peers used to. At shcool, she was so bright. Chloe won an award after an award, she was a STAR; and for that she had to endure excruciating pain that others kids out her through. Some school kids envied her and some loathed her to the core. Even in her neighborhood love and respect followed her. That girl never said much but the few words she enunciated would sink to those were deep and genuine. But some just saw a deranged, nincompoop. Every mother in her Kasi wanted their son to marry her, that it would have been an honour and privilege if that were to come true. However, boys were the last thing on her mind. She’d write on her diary about how she despised men. How useless they were. According to her boys only wanted to toy with girls and ditch them like some tasteless chewing gum at the end. Well, which was probably true but surely not all of them. I mean, maybe there was a prince charming waiting for her out there.


I could that she was philosophical because her love for wisdom was immeasurably enormous. When she argued, her arguments were not just ‘mere’ opinions, she would literally point out facts. The books she read; the music she listened but most importantly the people she allowed in her cycle and the topics she engaged in said it all about the kind of person she was. Or let me at least say, until one day. We all know that love surpass all these things, whether it’s wisdom, hopelessness, feistyness the list is ed infinitum. Even from the oldest Bible we know that Adam was led to sin by his Eva, Samson got weakened by his Delilah; as for our Chloe she was deceived by a certain boy named Jackson. She woke up one day and decided to just go and chill at her nerby park. She sat there eating ice-cream as she watched kids playing. This other baby fell face-flat as he tries to climb onto some ladder and Chloe fell about. She laughed foolishly even though she didn’t mean to, she just couldn’t help herself.


Then boom a sight to a sore eye walked towards her, introduced himself, cracked a few jokes. Chloe was a beautiful girl; a true definition of ‘beauty with brains’. Her smile was like a fresh breeze; her long and sharp nose, Chinese eyes and fat cheeks. I swear, her petite body was a cherry on top. As they chatted she smiled a little and Jackson felt the goosebumps. As they were saying their goodbyes, their eyes locked; the hearts danced to the melodies silently echoed. They parted ways, Chloe felt something. Like she has finally found the one piece that was lost, like she was finally home. Where only love, contentment and warmth reigned. All along she never knew that there was a void on her heart that longed for something. Later that day, she received a text from Jackson. They talked and talked untin dawn. School became even more interesting after finding out that Jackson also went to the same school as hers. It was a love at first sight. They fell in love, communicated and dated. It was blings and bliss. You know the love fever, a new love fresh from the box. Wrapped beautifully with satin laces. Their love was the talk of the town, the headlines highlighted in bold letters WHEN A GREAT RUGBY PLAYER FALLS IN LOVE WITH EINSTEIN. They were a best combination. Time went by they were still in it strong. They bond grew even stronger with time. Romeo and Juliet. Bonnie and Clyde. For the first time ever, Chloe felt like she has been wrong about boys all her life. Jackson was perfect.


The cracks started showing, things got a bit rocky. Rumours started that Jackson was dating a certain new girl in the block. But no those were merely rumours fueled by people who were jealous of them and their beautiful love. Jackson woulf never do that to her, he promised. He literally vowed to never cheat not leave her. She trusted her with her life. One thing though, she may have been blinded by love, but I’m certain that her intelligence was not that blurred. As much as she was in denial, she couldn’t help but have her own doubts. She confronted Jackson about it; he denied it and convinced her that it was only malice. Weeks went by, one day she unfortunately or rather fortunately caught them red handed. All cosy and lovey-dovey. For a few seconds she felt her heart stop beating; her world came crumbling down, she felt like she was in a very bad nightmare suffocating. The rumours were true. He lied to he. And of course the changes were highly noticeable on Jackson.


Jackson jumped and ran straight to her pleaded with her, told her gow sorry he was. He blabbed. She forgave her, just like that. She knew Jackson loved her, that he would kill for her. It was a mistake, a moment of weakness. It was late 1960 when he was caught cheating. Things went back to normal, seemingly. He reassured her from time and time again that he truly loved her. On the 28th December that same year Jackson was at it again. But with a different girl. He got engaged to that girl in a matter of two weeks; with the ring that he knew that Chloe could sell her soul for it. The same ring she has always admired. Jackson and her fiancee went to wed at Paris, wearing the regalia that Jack and Chloe planned to wear when they change vows one day. It was like someone pricked her bleeding would with a thorn or a needle. Jackson falling out of love with her was completely fine, understandable too. But making another girl live a life he knew that she wanted so bad was torture. She followed them on their social media platforms. Her skin crawled as she watched Jackson being intimate with another girl. She started stalking them. She became bitter; full of anger and vengeance. The pain was unbearable. Revenge was all she could think of. It was mandatory that she fights for her lover, her soulmate. Even if it meant dying whilst doing so or going to jail. She risked it all for her Jackson.


I still vividly see her old favorite gold chair near the window of her bedroom. She would sit there for hours starring at space. You’d call her for a million times, she’s just look at you with a look on her face that said it all. That she wasn’t there, only her flesh. Her soul wondering out there. Happiness and peace, she seeked. The hallucinations kept her on her toes. The fragment of images of their love. Their love was like a piece of art spray-painted yet it was unfinished. She pictured their love a broken arch. On the back of my mind I can still hear her piercing voice screaming painfully. The pain that vehemently attacked her stuck on her throat, she couldn’t breathe. She suffocated, without him she was suffocating. It might have been a young love but it was stronger than the walls of Jericho, deeper than the Mississippi river. It was only him who had the ability to put off the fire that burned in her. It’s flares and heat. But after some time something died in her. She prayed to God. Basically begged him to help her stop the voices in her head. They were like demons with loud hysterical laughs. She couldn’t control them and they drove her to the edge.


Intentions of hurting Jackson were never thre; she just could not stop the impetuous raging fire that kept her awake at night. The sight of them was everywhere. In her head, on tv, in the streets, on the Vogue magazine. She never imagined herself taking her own life but death was better than accepting such reality. The agony, calamity oh she was going through it all alone. A love like that is dangerous. She was a woman scorned. They did the worst to her and detour to depression or anger was to expected. The desire, craving to have him in her arms once more. To be held and caressed by him. The least he could have done was to have the audacity to tell her it was over. To give her the closure she deserved and needed. Whilst they were busy playing happy families she was planning her vengeance. The chicken were coming home tp roost for Jackson. How does one refrain from having such hallucinations and psychedelic vibrations? “All along I’ve been a stepping stone.a lafer for him to climb on top. He used me, betrayed me. I hate that I love him. I love him so much.” As she was in the throes of dillema, a plan up her sleeve was planned.


The day finally arrived. She analyzed every strategy she was going to use. She went to buy herself her favourite ice-cream at this shop. As she walked out; their car parked outside. Out of nowhere she pulled out a gun and started shooting at it. Both Jackson and his wife were in there. The tried to get out but, unfortunately she shot Jackson on his back which resulted to him being in a wheelchair for more than six months. The wife pulled a gun too, shot Chloe at her ribcage, luckily the police arrived. Jackson’s wife got arrested, the police also found out that Jackson has been held hostage all along. He was blackmailed into a marriage. He gave in for the blackmail in order to protect both him and Chloe. Chloe was in hospital for 2 months. After Jackson was discharged, Chloe asked her parents to hire a Physiotherapist for Jackson. Jackson and Chloe got back together. They let bygones be bygones. Jackson divorced that sick wife of his. They finished school, graduated. Married and started their own family. They adopted a little girl whom they named Naomi. After two yearsof marriage they were blessed with a baby boy whom they name Serhan. Their love was immortal.