What does YOLO mean? It means that you only live once and you only have one shot at life. That is why I’m urging you to live your life to the fullest. Imagine spending most of your life with concern over your self-image sad right? With the constant focus society puts on how a woman should look like it’s hard not to have a low self esteem.

The most unrealistic beauty standards make us insecure about our bodies. Whether you plus size or petite beauty standards negatively affects us all and it’s pathetic. Men are left to be themselves with no beauty standards imposed on them.

Well then what about women why must we be the ones to conform to this so called beauty standards. YOLO so love your body and be proud of it. There is only one you in this entire universe. Don’t waste your time trying to change your body to be accepted. Love your body and embrace it. God created us in his image and he is a perfect God. You are beautiful just the way you are. Always remember YOLO.