This is the real story of what s happening here in Africa nowadays and how young people are so resilient in changing the situation and the corrupt of today’s leaders in South African Citizen.”
Through the storms of being a teenager, history students are resilient, they are curious. They want to know about historical events of how they impacted the lives of those who live today. Nowadays, learners are curious. We have pure intentions to deliver in this country but we are not even recognised because we are in public schools. To history learners, we are coming and we are many. We are coming for the legacy left by our forefathers , Africa will be in our hands one day with no one to cry for a corrupt ruling, and people will be happy. Through the storms, it faced the shadow of slavery. We’ll be still shining and bringing light to our continent. Black Children will serve justice, not corruption. Only black people who saw Africa in its pain saw it when it was a scramble. And those are the same Black children who want to serve justice in South Africa from the Apartheid era,1948. They want to fix the mistakes and serve righteously the people of South Africa.
My name is Wandiswa Mbhele (yoncesavage) from uMzimkulu in KZN, I am only 15 years old. I am so concerned about how people live and how they lived in the past. I saw many things happening, yes I’m so young and I must be still making mistakes but somedays, I just compare how people lived in the struggle and compare it to now. There are definitely changes happening in our country but not all problems have been met as the constitution of South Africa and the Bill of rights says.
Poverty. People are hungry whereas some live in shacks with no electricity and water sanitation, people are hungry in such a way that the Law of South Africa still urges people to stop crime. I know I have not met this kind of situation in my life but who knows, maybe I will go to tertiary institutions, grab my degree and still be unemployed because nowadays our youth face those kind of things and end up being drug addicts and doing crime every day. And crime rates range every day.