The day that A boy was thrown away. He was found before the hospital.

He was adopted by a few cruel family his name was Chaldino.

“Hello, auntie and uncle, where do I take my handbags?” asks Chaldino. They did not respond. The auntie’s name is Auntie Moana and the uncle’s name is Uncle Sam. Sam is sitting on the couch with a cigarette smoking, and Moana is reading the newspaper towards the table, drinking wine. Before Chaldino was about to ask again, Aunti Moana said “You must sleep so long in the sitting room, the room I want you to sleep in, the floor is not right.” It was early morning.

Chaldino was fine with it. He sat outside, looking at the scorching sun and hearing the birds singing. As usual, he wishes for so many things but not that moment. “Hello boy, come I need your help!” asks Moana, but it didn’t sound nice.

Chaldino started coughing. “Boy are you right?” Asks Auntie Moana. Chaldino said “My name is Chaldino and not Boy and I have asthma can uncle stop smoking?” with a soft breath he said it Moana slapped Chaldino “Stop talking nonsense you must fix you room floor.” Chaldino was shocked but not for the slap but for someone not for Anti Moana there was a beautiful woman behind her.

“you Moana don’t you there clap my son” said his mother. His mother was living down the road. Moana knew that his mother lived down the road. “What Anti you are not my mother and my mother abandoned me” said Chaldino. “No my son it’s not like that With a reason I left you I can explain” said the woman at the door. “No I can believe you for how many years, the cruel family I live with my whole life I am 16 years old but you did not think about me”. said Chaldino “I must leave you because you would have been no longer alive you father wanted me to deprive you of life so that I can marry an old man to provide money to him or else he will deprive me of life” said the anti Charldino said “I forgive you auntie”

Auntie Moana said “If you forgive a person but you hang on to the anger the pain and the hurt and you say you forgave the person then you don’t understand what forgiveness really is.” The Anti said “forgiveness is not for someone else its for yourself.”

But so then His mother was forgiven by Chaldino.