Me and my elder brother took our wives and kids to visit our father’s uncle for the Christmas holidays. One could see the happiness in the kid’s faces that they were feeling at home. They woke up in the morning, ate breakfast and herded the cattle for a few hours. They then took the cattle to the grazing yard.

Kids started telling us that they want to stay for good, we oppose their wishes.

There comes a day for our departure, we first let them take the cattle to the grazing yard and we told them to be quick so that we would live early. We waited for them from 8 am to 11 am, we saw that they don’t want to come back then my big brother and I took a decision to go to look for them.

We grew up there herding as well, we checked them in all places we could think of but we didn’t find them. We thought maybe they took another path and we would find them at home, only to be surprised they were not yet back. We sent our cousin to try her luck. She found them playing with clay soil and we ended up departing at 3 pm.

The kids saw us when we went to look for them and they hid just to delay things so that we would change our minds on departing. Circumstances forced us to leave on a set day because on the following day we were supposed to report back to work.