I regret myself for not seeing the importance of school at the age of six (6)year’s . My late father always needed to chase me with a sjambok until i reached inside of the classroom. When we got there he used to tell my teachers to beat me and they did ,but that didn’t help me much , because i was stubborn. 
I remembered when the school closed my late father went there to collect my report , when he came back he opened the report and finally said you failed, but your teacher wrote that she is thankful to you because you always came to school clean. And these left me with a huge question mark because I was intelligent – this report didn’t belong to me.

I tried to cry but it doesn’t help as I had already failed and there was nothing that they could do.

Christmas was stressful thinking about how am I going to cope next year because I’m still returning in the same grade. So I decided to study hard and I did. The following year I ended up being in a new grade and I was so excited.

I like to thank my late father for pushing me to do a great job the time I was still a pupil. Today I am the best person, because of him and if he didn’t push me to study hard. I wouldn’t be like this, today I am best writer because of him .

Thank you dad, may your precious soul be content to rest peacefully, thanks dad( tatana) for showing me the right path.