Drowning so fast so no one can watch me. My oxygen is cut off, I’m alone again. No one understands me, no one to help me, no one so saves me.

I am drowning letting my lungs fill with fluids. Blood from my heart slowly stops going to my brain, water from outside penetrated through my nose down my throat.

My body is unequally balanced and heavy. It feels like I have weights attached to my feet. I am drowning, faster than people realize, the baggage that I carry is no longer on my shoulders, but on my feet pulling me down.

I cry but the waters wash it away, same like tears in public, it is washed away and hidden. Society has decided to destroy me to a point that I no longer am able to feel anymore.

All those that promised to stay, where are those now. Their empty promises add to these chains, chains that constantly move to bring me down.

No use fighting, my heart cannot take more, my mind cannot take more, I cannot take more. This facade I hide behind is slowly weathering due to the waters force against it.

My heart cannot beat due to the amount of fluid in my lungs. My blood runs cold, my heart beats fast to stop, my mind races to stop.

Behind this smile I cry, behind my pain is a story. Behind every mask is a broken person. But this is the truth washed away and hidden. Hidden by society and others.