We deal with so much toxicity in our daily lives. We forget about the main thing which is “ourselves” but let me give you some tips how to stay remain faithful to yourself.

1. When you are in a romantic relationship don’t lose track of yourself! When things get to much in the relationship take a break from it by doing what makes you happy. No! It’s not called selfishness and most definitely not a opportunity for you to be unfaithful towards your partner. If he/she really loves you they’ll be completely fine with your choice and it will benefit your relationship too.

2. Don’t ever do things to please others. People are gonna try to bring you down be judging you but it’s okay! Let them judge you shouldn’t be focused on haters.

3. Do the small things that makes you happy. From a long day of school and work go home and relax for a hour at least and forget about everything take a nice long bath and get your head straight and focused on the right things.

4. This is the most important of all PRAYER! When things get rough Pray! When things are going good Pray! and thank God on a daily.

5. Spoil yourself, doesn’t matter if it’s shopping or you just buying yourself your favourite sweet thing.

6. Take a break from social media, read a book, go for a jog and surround yourself with reality and stop focusing on social media.

7. Self grooming is very important, go and get that nice fade or go get that hair and nails done. When you look good you’ll feel good.

8. Secure the bag, work hard for that money than you can go to and”Shake your booty in Dubai, on a Yacht and in a thong” Enjoy life man!