Life is more valued than gold because once you’re gone, you’re gone and will never come back. Everyone knows that life is all about ups and downs. These ups and downs don’t just appear to just one person; it’s everyone, my dear.

Losing a job is not enough to take your life. Why do you kill yourself because of that, you can always find a new one who knows even better, but no, you think about the present the two days of no food, and you say to yourself, “I can’t provide for my children”, and you take your life. So who will provide when you’re gone? Have you ever heard of the abuse that orphans go through?

Same with breakups, you can find a new person in the near future. Early pregnancy is not a case to kill yourself for, my friend. Being bullied is also not the case for taking your life. There are many reasons which you think is enough to take your life, but no, it’s not, believe me.

When you have thoughts of taking your life, always think of something you always love to do, and who will do it when you’re not here? I remember my sister telling me that she can never kill herself; in fact, she wishes not to die because who will eat the food she’s supposed to eat when she’s gone? Funny, but to me, l loved what she said, and think of all the people that need you. What will happen if you leave them? Always think positively. Death is not a solution.