Dear only this moment, let’s speak our language in tongues that only you and I can understand. Let’s baptise each other with holy love. Kisses and love songs should fall on our lips now. Let’s walk holy steps, dance and let our faces be filled with eternal smiles. It’s our time, dearest.

Only this moment, let’s re-write the forgotten love narratives. The songs of Solomon should be making all the noise now. Let me be Romeo and you become Juliet. Yes, let me hold your hand and ask why our lips can’t hold each other like hands. Hand in hand, let’s walk like king and queen.

My heart tells it’s the hour of you and me. Only this moment, let our lives find cure in love. If others are deceased with it, let’s tell them what it means. Heaven lies here. Let’s tell them of one such moment, our deep breath that makes corona disappear and this is not less or much more than when our arms entwine around our backs. Let this moment be still. I love you.


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