His tournament made me love him more.

2019 December there was a Tournament hosted in my Kasi by one dedicated young man.He’s black handsome guy enough for all girls to run after him.


On the day of tournament Tshidiso and his friends thought of hosting soccer and Netball matches.They drew all lines for soccer and had no clue on how to start with netball Court.Well luckily enough I was available on that day and they called me for assistance.


Before going to meet them,I questioned myself about this young men i offered help to,sad part we didn’t know each other.He such a sweet talker and I couldn’t wait to go show them on how to Draw everything


On the day before everyone gathered,I met him and couldn’t hold myself to see such a hot black young man like him,we worked together all that day and good thing everything went well.late night he texted me on Whatsapp Thanking me for everything and it was such a pleasure.


My mind played such tricks on me

I couldn’t forget about this guy because clearly he became my crush on the very first day I saw him.We spoke with him n guess we made it usual thing to be in contact,which was a bonus to me…hahaha


One day,during the day while busy on my social media,I saw a text From Tshidiso which made my day more Fruitful.I opened a text and he asked me to visit him,it was bit confusing but u know crush is a crush I agreed.I prepared myself and asked a friend to company me,sweet we went there and it was fun seeing him for the second time actually Chilling with him


I gave him all my good impressions and not knowing he also had a crush on me.Okay sharp he bottled everything till late night when I was home.


During the chat at night,He asked me such weird question “Are you interested in me” and it was a moment of blindness in me,I didn’t know wether to say yes no cause both will make me look bad in his eyes.And out of no where I just typed “YES”that’s when he also confessed.


From that day I decided to give him a name “DOC” because he made things easy for me.He helped me to unpack all this heavy feeling I had for him.

But otherwise he did hurt me allot after all that lil entanglement.