No one wants to live in a poor environment. Well, no one chose to be poor. Rich people went through the toughest times in life to get to where they are now. I don’t think being poor is a choice. Everyone wants a good and healthy lifestyle. It’s a long and tough road to get to where billionaires are today. Being unable to give yourself a good life is so boring.

Living in poor environments like squatter camps is not anyone’s dream. We’re all dreaming big like seeing ourselves in expensive environments. Getting to that part of life has never been easy.

Being independent is my dream. Knowing that you worked so hard for everything you are and everything you have today is a big achievement in life. Growing up in a poor family is so hard because you stress over little things, e.g. not knowing what you are going to eat can be stressful.

I’m from a poor family, we stress a lot about our lives. We don’t know what to eat most times, such a life is not healthy. What I love about my siblings is that we never pressurise our parents to buy us expensive clothes to compete with other kids out there.

We appreciate the little things that our parents are able to afford. We celebrate the little things we have because we grew up with nothing. Living in poverty had me thinking things like why was I born? Why is God leaving us to suffer? Does he love us? Is he watching?

They say God’s time is the best. I realised that we people are so impatient, especially poor people, because we can’t wait to taste the luxurious life. Travelling the world, sleeping in expensive five-star hotels and going out on weekends is everyone’s dream.

What’s painful is that in order to get there, there are drastic measures you have to take and it’s a long journey to reach a good standard of living. There are rumours about easy steps to become rich in three days e.g. the illuminati, referred to as a satanic group of people. The rumours claim that you can be rich in two seconds. You’ll have to sacrifice bodies and kill your loved ones.

Seeing your peers driving nice expensive cars while you have nothing, not even a bike, hurts, but they say that great things take time. This depressing situation that you’re in doesn’t mean that you won’t have a bright future. You’ll also get a chance to live the luxurious life you see on television.

Good times are coming and better days are on their way. It’s not a bad life, it’s a bad day. It’s not about where you come from, it’s about where you’re going. Life has never been easy, hang on. We live with these problems and it shows that we are human. God knows why we’re going through these hard times.

Life is all about mistakes and lessons. We meet temptations on the way, we meet toxic people, sometimes we associate ourselves with those toxic people without knowing. You know what, I’m glad that we meet those people because they are lessons, they’re teaching us that there are different types of paint. Each paint has a purpose, e.g. waterproof paints are there to protect your house, then there are house paints to make your house look brand new.

God knows the thoughts he thinks towards you, those are thoughts to give you a future and hope. So all I can say is have hope and believe in the Lord, good times are coming. Although you’re suffering day and night your shine is coming. You are a star.


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