Parents either make or break a child, but Busi’s parents decided to break her. They were old school and believed in the phrase “ngwana yo o sa utlweng molao wa batsadi o tla utlwa wa manong”.
Busi was the only child of the Moloisi’s, she was their diamond and they treated her like one. They also controlled her life. Busi’s parents decided when and what she ate. They wanted her to be a doctor, but that did not sit well with her. She wanted to be a model. Her petite body and her tall figure made modelling suitable for her.
Whenever she brought up the idea of being a model, it was dismissed and the topic was changed. She always entered beauty pageants at school and she always won, her parents were aware of this and it didn’t mean anything to them. They always thought that she entered them for fun. Busi always saw herself winning and having different titles from all over the world.
When she finished school, her parents enrolled her in a private college that dealt with medicine only. They paid a lot of money for her and she kept on failing her modules. Her parents believed that she’ll improve but it got worse and Busi ended up leaving school.
Her father disowned her and Mrs Moloisi hurled insults at her. She started hanging up with bad people and smoking, and doing drugs, leading her to have a brain damage condition. She is now admitted into a mental institution. But she has not given up on her dream of being a model because she sometimes makes dresses with her gown and catwalk as if she’s on a ramp. If only they listened and believed in her she would be far now.
Parents are supposed to be one’s support system, one’s advisor and one’s life changer.