My name is Khonela Ndhlovu, well everyone ‘ekas’lam’, they call Khoni D, FYI I have to introduce myself to you. I’m not going to talk about my bio, but I’m going to tell you my own piece of how I was played, or lemme just say breadcrumed.


There was this boy that I actually felt crazy, or lemme say infatuated with him that I became so obsessed with him. That guy drove me crazy to the point where I decided to open up my feelings to him. After, he told me he feels the same way too. I was so thrilled at first and I thought I’ve found the one. We chatted on WhatsApp and he used to VN me and tell me how he loves me and never wanna lose me. I felt for it and never realising he never meant it.


One day while we’re chatting as usual, he asked me to prove my love to him. Well I thought he meant that we should date officially and show people that we’re dating but I was wrong. He only wanted my nudes! But I told him that I can’t just give a stranger my naked pics without knowing his intentions. I knew he was angry and sometimes he would blue tick me and not respond to my texts.


Weeks passed and he texted me again but I didn’t reply because I now already knew what kind of a person he really is. He texted again, but this time he wrote a paragraph telling me how sorry he is, and that his cellphone fell in water, (But I saw that he was online and that it’s just a story).


I fell for his tricks again and we chatted again and then he started ghosting me. By that time, I realized that I was not making anyone but myself a fool and I decided to delete his numbers and cut him off my life for good!