I think there’s still a lot of confusion about what Body Positivity really means.Its true that the movement grew out of a response to fat shaming and idealizing thin-ness,but it’s grown into a lot more than that.


Body Positivity is all about following your own internal compass.Its about developing a relationship with the body you have and letting that relationship guide how you feel about it.


Body Positivity is for everyone,every shape and size, because when we view our bodies through the lens of that relationship,it helps us see that there is no ‘ideal body’.Any ‘ideal’ we’re being sold goes entirely against the point.That concept suggests that others get to decide what ‘ideal’ means for you.


It doesn’t matter what size you are.If you are tall or short,young or old, heavier or thinner.It doesn’t matter whether your gender, your ethnicity or your background.You are allowed to feel good about your body.Body Positivity is for you.YOU get to decide how you feel about your body and what ‘ideal’ means for you.

That’s the only opinion that matters!!!