What did I do? I’m so confused and shocked, I didn’t mean to do it. Oh sorry my name is Sivuyile Sukude a naive 24 years old girl from Kwadukuza, I lived alone and I had a twin called Vuyelwa. We were so close growing up, we did everything together and we even studied the same course of which it is fashion until we had to separate from each other. Vuyelwa got a job in Pinetown and to be honest with you I was so happy for her, too bad I struggled getting a job.


I stayed with my degree for 4 months until I got an internship in a fashion house that I always dreamt of in Pinetown, only to find out that me and Vuyelwa were in the same place. That’s what made us enemies, it was because of the competition and we both wanted to be in the good books of the boss. I won’t lie, Vuyelwa was the better designer and that made me jealous. Even the bosses were impressed with her, unfortunately my jealousy started to be mixed with hatred so each and every time there’s a competition I would do everything in my power to sabotage her work. Besides the other interns were not much of a competition to me, and I always won.


Until one night when there was another competition and the winner would work side by side with thee David Tlale. I wanted that and I always knew that Vuyelwa would win but I couldn’t let her take this opportunity away from me so I would sabotage her again but the sabotage went wrong because she caught me in her house tearing the dress “You little devil!” as she took her torn dress. I burst into an uncontrollable laughter and she slapped me, my emotions changed instantly and I slapped her back. A fight broke between the two of us, and unfortunately she had more power than me. She was winning, I saw the knife that I used to tear the dress. I took it and stabbed her twice in the back and she fell. Oh no what did I do? I’m so confused and shocked, I didn’t mean to do it but..but..I killed my twin all because of hatred and jealousy, I sat there and cried until I decided to get myself arrested and I was sentenced to life imprisonment.


I am writing this story in the prison internet cafe, I’m still serving my sentence and I regret each of every single thing I did to her. That picture of me killing her will never be erased in my mind, I disappointed my late parents. I’m sure wherever they are right now are very disappointed and ashamed of me. What I did is what I call a bloody mistake. I am Sivuyile Sukude and this is my story.