Words you speak have the immerse phenomenal power,words you speak possesses the the power to build,to destroy,to encourage, to heal,to uphold,to freed,to help, to bring a smile and joy to someone who will be listening to them.
Words are the controlling force of your being. Beware of the words you speak.
Words are the depiction of your character,your words worth more than what you can ever imagine because your words can change someone’s life instantly and forever.

Remember even God Himself used the very same words to create the majestical universe we live in,it is by words that heavens and earth and all that lives in it were created,and that alone it is the formidable,profound and explicit example of how powerful words are.
Be cautious and beware of the words you speak.

Never use or say any word(s) that goes against or oppose your dreams, they will tend it for good.

Never ever use word(s) that weakens your route to success,that’s a good recipe to failure.