We live in a world of impressions where we try by our hardest means to fit into other people’s spaces because we have no comfort zones of our own. We dress up and look good just to get compliments and post up our pictures for people who hardly even know us to notice our beauty. Now, that’s no sin but a norm in this world that we’re living in. We embark on various journeys in search of self discovery but make a return holding our hearts torn into countless pieces instead of carrying peace and joy. Our eyes are those only filled up with tears that could fill up dry rivers full enough to deter times of droughts. Maybe after all what we need most is self love before that from the outside. The question then lies in how we could possibly appreciate ourselves when we still have people who are like magnets pulling the world backwards through negativity and criticisms. The only comfort we seem to find is one from our gadgets in people we’ve never set our eyes upon. We barely even have time to sit down with our loved ones and talk about our emotions towards one another as social media interactions have taken up most of the space to do so. The internet seems to have closed up socialization in the real world and lessens contact communication amongst neighbors, families and friends. The world we live in is full of confusion but requires one to have a strong backbone and stay smart as a rabbit. This killer world ate up all its kindness and spat out all its cruelty upon the people living in it. The most innocent of all faces are the ones that hide the scaries of deeds one could ever think of. Silence becomes the killer to most worlds as greed spreads on people like butter on bread. Clear your minds and always be visionary for this world may steal your hopes in just a blink of an eye and leave you stranded and feeling as though you’re in an unfamiliar place than before. Always be alert and bear this world full of strains and stumbling blocks.