My name is Nadini l was born in Zimbabwe on 17th July 2008 l was born l came to South Africa when l was five months well the time passed by it was the time for me to go to school that’s where it all started. At first, I was happy but when the day came for me to go to school well my class already knew that l am from Zim well at break l had popcorns for lunch. All my class asked for popcorn and l gave them but who knew that l was a fool. The next day a boy in my class started telling me that l don’t belong here l was heartbroken it was like a part of me has left. I asked him what l ever did to him just imagine l was just 7 years old l went home crying thinking about what that boy said to me. My mom (Sandi) is self-employed she works at USAVE she has a stand. I didn’t tell my mom what happened at school the love l have for my mom is unconditional l didn’t want to break her heart. There were days l would feel like this is not a school l wished for time passed by in grade five l was made a fool of the people l thought were real friends my mom did warn me but l didn’t listen to her until l saw it myself. But in grade 7 that door opened new doors for me l told myself that l want is a fool. I learned a lot about myself you know what was that that l am a strong brave young lady. What l am trying to say is that many children ate killing themselves but if we support each other we will be fine.
In life, you may face all challenges but you must never give but give up when you are done 
Thank you