WARNING: This piece contains descriptions of sexual abuse.

I am Asanda Snethemba Zungu, but I prefer my paternal surname. Khuzwayo. So please address me as Khuzwayo. Growing up , I had my best times and moments. I used to smile every single day with no pretence. I enjoyed playing with friends. I enjoyed making new friends. Coming back home after 5, cause I was still enjoying playing. Going to malls with Mom and Dad was my most favourite times. But all that came to an end one day.

The Day My Uncle Raped Me.

Since then, I changed into a new person. I suddenly cut off the people I loved. Became so introverted and quite scared. I didn’t want anyone interfering my personal space. I just wanted to be alone. Looking at the mirror was once my obsession, but now I hate it. It will only show how damaged my body is. How dirty it is, I don’t want to see that. I want to see perfection and beauty. But I feel the opposite.

The original Me died years ago. I buried her, and replaced her with a creep. Ever since the death of me, my heart has become heavy and empty. Darkness excites me. I feel alive in the dark. Because in the dark, I was violated my own privacy and rights. Now I have no rights.