I watch you love him the way I wish you loved me. I watch you take him to places I planned for us only to be met with your overused excuses I had commit to memory. I watch you bring him to your family reunions, have him on night outs with friends you said were hard to please, and have him stay at your house during holidays. I watch you let all of your loved ones love him—the same people you said I should avoid having interactions with. I watch you send him gifts and bought her a ring I always dreamed of having.

I watch you dive into the movies simply because you know it’s his likes while you call my favorites boring and senseless. You like buying him books or taking him to museums simply because he likes art, while you call my passion dreary and unsuitable for your curiosity.

I watch you love him right in all days and nights. You love him in all highs and lows, in all seasons and all reasons.

And in there, I realised I loved you truly so I always chose to understand you. And I was not asking for too much. Perhaps you’re not empty-handed. You’re not running short. You have more in you. You can do things better and you can give more without having to beg you for it. You’re not limited. You’re not restricted. I watch you give him everything he asks for and doesn’t ask for. 

Maybe it just happened that you see him as the right one. Maybe it just happened I asked to be loved right by the wrong one.