Certain nurses do judge teenagers when they come to clinics or hospitals for help.

Yes, I truly agree with that.
Well, as it’s said that “certain” nurses, it’s not all nurses around the whole world who does that, but few or more.
Teenagers are being judged for how their lives has turned to be, even if they didn’t ask for the current lives that they’re living, for instance, pregnancy or being HIV positive, they’re still being judged.
It is not good even fair, what certain nurses do to teenagers when they come to clinics and hospitals for help, the moment they walk in, certain nurses would come up with insults, and what and whatnot, without even an explanation of what the girl who just walked in have been through, she’d/he’d start to tease her, call her names and everything and suddenly chase her back where she comes from, well that’s not fair.

They just don’t care, even chooses proper words to use, they don’t even wait but just to jump to conclusions that the girl might’ve been having sex without protection, without considering other things, as rape or being born with such diseases. Now most of teenagers are scared to go to clinics for such things as being insulted and judged.
Certain teenagers are afraid to go and check themselves, because they’re afraid that if they come out positive/having the disease, some nurses might embarrass her/him and that’s not fair, they’re breaking the law.

Just imagine staying at home just because you know that the minute you step into a clinic/hospital nurse what-what would insults you and interrogate you, for going around sleeping with people without using condoms, just jumping into conclusion.
Well maybe in some hospitals/clinics these things doesn’t happen, but at some they do happen and most of us witness that, and we’re being afraid to speak about that. This should come to an end, as a nurse your work is to help and advice the ones who are in need of your help not to bring them down, I mean like if you don’t help as a qualified nurse then who would help him/her better ?
Definately there are few or more who follow the rules and do what’s right, the ones who knows their work and we truly appreciate them.