While i was trying to befriend it because it felt like i was fighting a loosing battle with it. It brought its relative panic attacks, then it becomes a war.its now My everyday struggle, makes everything hard for me.

Anxiety destroys me slowly always telling me i am nothing, crowded places are the worst because when i ignore it his couzin takes over and things goes side ways i find myself struggling to breath my heart beating fast and i can’t feel my legs panic attacks.it Got me thinking the safest place is my bed, i can’t be in relationship because it always say don’t trust this girl,

i loose so many opportunities because it said there’s someone better for that who you think you are. I am friendly to anxiety the least it could do is to be nice to me as well, but nah it turned into a control freak bossing me around. every good thing i try to do it tells me to quit.

sometimes i feel lonely i can’t hang out with people because when i engaged in conversations anxiety is there screaming you boring shut up. Sometimes i wonder how can i cure this unpleasant feeling, because anxiety made self doubt a part of me, panic attack yone ke sa buwe.

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