I’m used to hearing abantu besithi abanachoice.Ndizibuze ngasiphi isizathu?Kutheni usitsho nje?A woman becomes a prostitute and then hides behind the fact that”bendingenachoice”yes you did have a choice.A person leaves school due to pregnancy and says “bendingenachoice“you did have a choice but you chose not to take it because you were lazy to take it.You could have said no to the person who gave you a deal to be a prostitute…you could have reported the person to the police but you didn’t.You could have used protection or didn’t have sex in the first place.You could have listened to your parents when they said study but you didn’t.You took the easy path out and look where that got you.You need to know nothing comes easily in life.The things that are easy to get are easily perishable.But the ones you work for don’t perish.