I waited my whole life to find my Romeo. I loved him so much and he was so clingy towards me but l never complained. He was kind, caring, handsome and protective of me but as they all say ” In every good comes bad”. When we were about to reach our first year anniversary, the boy l had a long-time crush on asked me out. Because l was blind by the fact that l still had feelings for him l said yes to going out with him.

He didn’t know l had my Romeo, he thought l was single and l was playing the character perfectly. I enjoyed receiving attention on both sides but l had guilt. Guilt that l have these two people who are nothing but loyal and honest to me and l did the same exact same opposite. Guilt built up in me in an incredible way that l thought about leaving my Romeo for this other guy, but l couldn’t do that.

I decided to break up with both of them because they deserve someone who will be honest, loyal and truthful to them because they are incredible gentlemen. It’s painful to see them move on but it’s for the best.

If you were me, what would you have done?