English is a thief of a language and has ‘borrowed’ thousands of words from other languages. So we have many different adjectives to describe things. Here are just a few to get your word taste buds zinging..! This list isn’t of the best words. They’re a random collection of some of our favourites, and they’re just here to get you to think of words that you may not normally use. Kind of a vocabulary stretch, if you like..!

Words to describe people:

creative – can think of new and unusual ideas
generous – kind, ready to give things unselfishly
reserved – not sharing emotions and opinions easily
conscientious – wanting to do your work very well
serene – calm and peaceful
moody – when you change your moods quickly, and quite often get sullen and sulky

Words to describe food

succulent – juicy, tasty
tangy – with a strong, sharp taste – generally positive description
peppery – with the taste of pepper
tart – sharp taste, a bit like tangy

Words to describe appearance

stern looking strict, not friendly
lean thin and strong
burly – strong, heavy
gangly – tall, thin, and bit awkward with your body

Words to describe feelings

ecstatic – very very happy, overwhelmed with joy!
delighted – very happy and pleased
envious – when you want something that someone else has
intrigued – interested, wanting to know more
overwhelmed – so much emotion that you don’t know what to say or do
reluctant – you don’t want to do something
seething – very angry but hiding it
bewildered – confused, unsure
resentful – bitterness at being treated unfairly
jealous -envious and resentful of someone for having what you don’t have
passionate- having strong feelings or beliefs about something/someone

Words to describe temperature/weather

sweltering – very hot
pleasant – nice – not too hot or cold
muggy – unpleasantly warm and humid,
icy – very cold
stormy – windy, rainy, sometimes thunder and lightning

Words (verbs) to describe walking

swagger – you think you are very cool!
mince – walking like a model
stride – purposeful walking
pace – walk up and down often in anger or when you are frustrated
tiptoe – walk very quietly so as not to alert anyone that you are there

Words (verbs) to describe ways of talking

Yell – shout
murmur – say softly, not very clearly
sneer – mocking, to say with contempt,
snap – to say irritably and quickly
declare – to say something in a serious, emphatic way
whisper – talk very quietly so only one person can hear, often in someone’s ear
lecture – instruct someone about something often in a bossy way