Tsego: Ma, can I make you a cup of tea? Here, let me take your bag.

Mother: Gosh, this is a surprise. Yes, some tea would be lovely. I’ve had a long day at work.

Tsego: Here’s your tea. Ma, there is a school dance on Friday night. All the girls in my class are going. Can I go too?

Mother: Ah! I thought there was a reason that you were being so helpful.

Tsego: That’s not fair, Ma! I am always helpful.

Mother: Okay, you are. I’m only teasing you. Tell me more about this dance.

Tsego: It’s at the school hall. And it starts at 7pm.

Mother: Are parents allowed to go?

Tsego: Ma!

Mother: What?

Tsego: None of the other girls’ mothers will be there. And why do you –

Mother: If I can go to check on what is happening, then you can go. Otherwise not. That’s final.

Tsego: Well, if you’re sure …

Mother: Good. Now let’s talk about what you are going to wear. Do you need a party dress?

Tsego: I can wear my blue dress from last year. It still fits. But my shoes don’t fit me any more.

Mother: (smiles) Okay, let’s go shopping tomorrow.

Tsego: (hugs her mother) You’re the best, Ma!