You have written a premise for your TV or streaming show.

Now you are going to write the first scene in episode 1.

Before you write the first scene write:
– the title of your show
– the premise of the show (you have done one already)
– a sentence teaser for the first episode – this should be a short description of what happens in the first episode. Make sure it is exciting and gets viewers eager to watch the episode.
list the characters who will appear in the first scene – not more than 3!

Then you will write your first scene! It should be between 300 – 500 words.

Here is an example (this if for a crime drama) 


Premise: A serial killer is targeting sex workers in Cape Town. A young woman detective has to catch him/her.

Sentence Teaser: A body of a young woman is found strangled outside a nightclub. One of her stilettos is missing, and a wooden cross has been left around her neck by the killer.


DETECTIVE ABRAMS – a brilliant young woman detective in homicide
NIGHTCLUB OWNER – a middle-aged man who is a player
PATHOLOGIST – a forensic pathologist who works closely with the detective.

Scene 1

EXT: Nightclub in the centre of Cape Town. 1 am.


The body of a sex worker lies on the pavement outside the nightclub. A large wooden cross is around her neck, and one of her stilettos is missing. The nightclub owner is on his cellphone. The pathologist is examining the body. Detective Abrams arrives and joins them.

DETECTIVE ABRAMS: (Walks up to the nightclub owner who puts his phone in his pocket) And you say you called it in twenty minutes ago?

NIGHTCLUB OWNER: That’s right. I had just closed up, and I came out and found it… her… there…

PATHOLOGIST: It looks like she was strangled.

DETECTIVE ABRAMS: (putting on plastic gloves and examining the cross) The killer must have put this around her neck. It must have some significance to them. She could have lost her shoe on the street. We will need to sweep the area.

NIGHTCLUB OWNER: She’s a regular. She hangs out on the corner. I’ve warned her off before…

DETECTIVE: Do you have camera footage of people leaving the club around this time?

NIGHTCLUB OWNER: My CCTV camera was damaged two nights ago. I haven’t had it fixed yet…


Now it’s your turn! Remember to end the scene on a cliffhanger (a high point that makes the audience want to know more and leaves a question in their heads)