What are Chattalogues?

Chattalogues is the name given to a series of short play scripts designed to be read for fun by high school learners. The idea was originated by a group of volunteers in the Year Beyond after-school programme as part of a Social Innovation Challenge, and the name was derived from the ‘dialogues’ that happen between characters in plays. The Year Beyond’s idea came out tops, and Fundza commissioned writers to write 7 Chattalogues. They range from bullying on social media to family drama, unrequited love and rivalry.

The Chattalogues are short, and most of them are structured over three scenes. The first scene introduces the characters, setting and conflict. In the second scene the conflict escalates through a series of dramatic events. In the final scene the play reaches a climax (the most dramatic point). After the climax, the scene moves quite quickly towards a resolution where we find out what happened to the characters at the end.

At the start of each  Chattalogues is a teaser to get readers interested in reading. In a few sentences, the writer reveals what the main idea of the story is– the premise.

We are then introduced to the cast of characters with a brief description of each.

At the beginning of scenes we are given the setting where the scene takes place to help visualise the scene before moving into the dialogue between the characters.

To give you a taste of these short, exciting plays on fundza. mobi find the link  here

When you have read the Chattalogues and to help you to structure and write your own Chattalogue choose one Chattalogue and ask yourself these questions and jot down the answers.

-What is the central conflict in the Chattalogue?
-What is the climax?
-What is the resolution?

Now think of some ideas that you would like to explore in your own Chattalogues. Remember that to help you find ideas, is is helpful to ask WHAT IF? questions. Eg. What if the main character gets trapped and has to escape? What if two girls like the same boy? What if a parent is keeping a secret from their children? etc.