What shall be known about my onesies?
That they are pink, pink and floral and cadet blue.
My triplets with me from the beginning of my lockdown blues.
My lockdown best friends who give the warmest of hugs.
My closest of friends no matter the weather.

What shall be said of their kindness?
That cold would I have been without your warm embrace.
Lonely would I have felt without your feather-like skin to envelope me in.
Dismantled would I have looked had your long zip not enclosed tight against my torso
To hold me closely, warmly and gently together.

What shall be told of their loyalty?
Perfectly I slot my entire body from my hair follicle to the tip of my toes
Gently they receive skin and cuddle it from dusk till dawn
The inseparables we have become
As though lockdown had us in mind when it started.

Unexpectedly we made each otherโ€™s acquaintance
I wonder, was the encounter as pleasant for you as it was for me?