My fellow kinsmen
And all that hail from my clan
Can you please tell Bongoza
To leave me alone
Can’t he see I am the age of his daughter.

I don’t trust the way he looks at me
Yesterday he winkled a smile
I tell you, it was offensive
Today he winked his eye I tell you, it is insulting
Please my kinsmen
And all that hail from my clan
Tell him to take his hands off me.

Tell him to cut his neck of a giraffe
I don’t like the way he peeps into my cleavage
Tell him to stare at his wife’s
I believe she has the chest of a woman.
Tell him I don’t have breasts
That his palm can touch.

Tell him to salivate not for my thighs
Tell him to take his eyes off my gyrating hips
They are not his
They are my man’s
One of my age.

Show him the way to his wife
Whenever he feels hot and his blood is boiling

Ooh my Kinsmen
Can you put sense into his calabash of a head
Tell him to leave me alone
I don’t want to be like Xakekiwe the girl next door
Whom he left with maggots where her thighs meet.

Must he keep on staring at me
I will spit into his face
Right into his eyes
I wish him blind
Why was he ever given sight?