Ike Mboneni Muila

inside of me

inside of me joe

the language stream

all assorted jolly eat and be merry

moonlight stars milkshake

bazabaza witness above

inside of me

there is no room for cappuccino

homemade brew and beers collide

causing me to vomit

inside of me joe

barekesa malana le mohodo

madombolo le magwinya

oesophagus colour bar print slow down jabs langs aan

inside of me joe

sponge lungs chicken bean bones

flat tubes archer ginger cake spinza oven grey

time tick tock ticks drum turn

fantastic orange heart beat yoyo flex

inside of me

someone is knocking passionately

to no avail

sour kidneys structure four five draw

six nine appeal get mochovana

rovers ref hum eh…,

huks vrystaat