Poetic Script

SIPHIWE: Pensioner standing in a queue

ragged animals in the zoo

yawning toothless lions

ALLAN: I am fire burning the shack

no jobs and drink lead the attack

hey, sweetie – get flat on your back!

IKE: Soul food binder stay free

silaphanje nge mum for men

eat your heart and lungs out

SIPHIWE: Listen to my voice at the shop door

listen as you walk to the sounds of war

umngena ndlini mama, umngena ndlini baba

ALLAN: Stink of scam in the State

bureaucrat shuffle while you wait

nepotists scoop the honey

IKE: Stripper lelohembe asidlali

nkhetheni ke wa ponto le sheleng

sendela ngeno kanna legetleng

SIPHIWE: Shebeen tables black with booze

girls caress beards of their fathers

mothers bump and grind with their sons

ALLAN: I’m the bull running this kraal

don’t pull my ring if you’re skraal

roll up – Sun City extra!

IKE: Hout kop petty crime is a taboo

shame on you daaso a ni hembi

guys ni hava nchumu jokes aside

SIPHIWE: Darkness shadow in the slums

pockets cold with a stainless knife

pass the bucks or I’ll take your life

ALLAN: Total Onslaught amnesty

even Wit Wolf walks out free

forgive and forget history?

IKE: Ginger face butters no record to trace

ready stomach digests sound of my words

no bubblegum music in my verse