COACH MASUKU: Right, before making some closing remarks, I would like to open up the floor to all of you and invite you to share, or comment, on your journey so far. Gentleman, the floor is yours. (acknowledges Peter)

PETER: Hi, everyone. I have been the office doormat for some time at work, and a few months ago I snapped. (looks at his shoes for a moment) I thought I would lose my job, but thanks to Coach Masuku’s advice and the support I get from all of you, I’m relieved to tell you that no assault charges were brought against me, and our abusive general manager has left the agency!

(Everyone claps.)

PETER: Thank you all for helping me restore my own self-worth.

(The clapping continues as Peter takes a seat.)

SBUSISO: (nods a greeting) Gents. My dad is still ignoring me, but my mom has finally agreed to meet with Coach Masuku and hear him out. It doesn’t sound like much, but she’s at least willing to listen, and my aunt is coming along too.

COACH MASUKU: And how do you feel about that?

SBUSISO: At least she cares enough to come, right?

(Everyone claps; a few nod in agreement.)

 (Coach Masuku gets up and hugs Sbusiso.)

MZWANDILE:  Sho, gents!

(Men nod in response.)

MZWANDILE: Well, maki is a die-hard hater — no, Harold not my ex, but…

HAROLD: (laughing along with everyone else, he shouts) Ag man, it was an honest mistake!

MZWANDILE:  Gents, danko! For your ongoing support. Business is starting to pick up ko carwash and some gents ko kasi are still talking about that relaunch. As for the communal vegetable garden, we having a nca year. We’ve decided to donate some of the crop when we harvest to the local old-age home so that they can cook for bo magreeza. No, Harold, that’s not another ex, it refers to old ladies.

(Everyone laughs and chees loudly.)  

Tell us: How could you support other members of your community? Would you be interested in doing that? Why or why not?