At a public park.

KEVIN: So let me get this right, my son was crying to some teacher because some kid took his lunch?

SAMANTHA: (nervous) Babe, you know that Andy is not a fighter?

KEVIN: (watching his son play in the distance) He’s too damn soft is what he is. If you had let me toughen him up years ago such things wouldn’t happen.

SAMANTHA: Oh, so this is my fault?

KEVIN: (splutters) Damn right! The minute you started this nonsense of buying him pink shirts and allowing him to play with girls from a young age, you planted a seed. Now that seed has taken root, thanks to you.

SAMANTHA: (voice rising) He liked the colour, what was I supposed to do?

KEVIN: You should have put a stop to it there and then! (glares at her) Andy! Come here! Now! (waves his son over)

(Andy comes running.)

SAMANTHA: (looking nervous) Babe, please don’t.

KEVIN: Shut up! (He hisses at her.) You’ve done enough damage to the boy.

ANDY: Yes, Dad?

KEVIN: What’s this nonsense I hear about you running around crying to a teacher because some kid took your lunchbox?

(Andy looks nervously at his mother.)

KEVIN: Don’t look at your mother. Answer me, boy!

ANDY: (with tears in his eyes as he turns to his mother) Mom, you promised…

KEVIN: (jumps up and pulls his belt from his jeans) I’ll give you something to cry about!

(Andy runs.)

SAMANTHA: Kevin, no!

KEVIN: (running after Andy, yelling) No son of mine is going to be someone else’s punching bag! Time to man up, my boy!

(Andy tries to run away but trips and falls.)

SAMANTHA: (sobbing) But he’s only a boy!

KEVIN: (grabbing Andy’s arm and preparing to strike him) Come here, you little… (he grunts)

(A large man runs towards Kevin from a nearby park bench.)

KOBUS: (grabs Kevin’s raised arm) That’s enough!

KEVIN: (glaring at Kobus) Who the hell are you? Get your bloody hands off me before I…

KOBUS: (tightens his grip) Before you what?

(Having taken in Kobus’s full imposing presence, Kevin lets go of a terrified Andy who runs back to his mother. She hugs him to her.)

KEVIN: Sorry I… (looks down at his shoes) I don’t know what’s got into me.

KOBUS: Look, give me a call and let me try and help you. (Hands him a card.)

KEVIN: (sounding unconvinced) Sure — sure. (Kevin shoves the card in his pocket without looking at it and walks back to his wife and son.)

Tell us: Why do you think Kevin is so angry about Andy? Do you think you should intervene when you witness violence?