The following week, Khalipha is seated next to her friend Alizwa, who is trying to listen to the lesson in class.

KHALIPHA: Zwayi, what do we have next?

ALIZWA: I don’t know, probably maths?

KHALIPHA: Maths? Do we have maths today?

ALIZWA: Yes, we always have maths, Khalipha. Now, will you please shut up? I am trying to listen.

KHALIPHA: I am going to have to skip maths today. I will fake sickness or something.

ALIZWA: Why? What is up with you?

KHALIPHA: I will tell you later. I am leaving now.

She packs her books and fakes a cold to Mrs Dondashe, who lets her go eventually.

After leaving the office, she meets with Mr Ngxanga, who is outside the office.

MR NGXANGA: Hayibo, Khalipha, where are you going?

KHALIPHA: Home, sir, I am sick.

MR NGXANGA: Oh, that’s not good. I should quickly take you home before my next class.

KHALIPHA: No, sir, that will not be necessary. I stay in the neighbourhood.

MR NGXANGA: No, I insist, your health is very important to me. Let me just tell the principal quickly. (He goes into the office.)


She waits for him to go inside the office, then runs to the gate.

Tell us: What would you have done in Khalipha’s shoes?