Kgosi enters the living room where Dr Bosman is pacing, while waiting.

KGOSI: Dr Bosman? What are you doing here, in my living room? We agreed to only meet at your office.

DR BOSMAN: I know that. Thandi let me in. Kgosi I had to see you. We need to discuss Lucille’s condition.

KGOSI: This better be good. Have a seat. (They sit on the couch)

DR BOSMAN: (Nervously) I thought you said that we would stop giving Lucille the medication after three months.

KGOSI: Yes, well it seems I need you to keep dosing her. It is taking longer than I expected to get the company. I need her out of the picture a little longer.

DR BOSMAN: No. She cannot continue taking those pills. At this rate she will really develop pancreatic cancer. This is not what I signed up for. I also can’t keep dodging her calls. She wants to start chemotherapy. I will lose my license to practice if I administer chemo on a patient without cancer.

KGOSI: What you signed up for is whatever I say it is. We continue as planned, until I have what I want. Just keep putting her off; it won’t be long now.

DR BOSMAN: (Standing) Kgosi, this medication will surely kill your wife. This mixture of Bydureon, Victoza and Januvia is seriously dangerous. I am basically giving her an overdose of diabetes medication. We’re making her sicker by the day instead of stopping and letting her have a ‘great recovery’ from cancer once you have the company. Don’t you care?

Tebogo walks into the room. He ducks behind one of the decorative pillars in the dinning room to listen when he sees his father and Dr Bosman talking.

KGOSI: (Standing abruptly, he grabs the Dr and pulls her closed.) Listen here Gail, I paid you a fortune so I expect you to honour our agreement. You will continue to give Lucille those pills.

DR BOSMAN: (Struggling to get out of his grip.) Fine, I’ll keep giving it to her. But let me repeat: it will definitely kill her, just so you can make her believe that she has cancer. Now let go of me.

KGOSI: I am glad we have an understanding. You better keep up your end of the deal. And the next time you have doubts about this whole situation rethink them, because I won’t be so … understanding … next time. (Letting her go, dusting off her shoulders.) It would be a shame if something were to happen to you.

Dr Bosman rushes out of the room, scared. As Kgosi sits down, attempting to relax, Tebogo walks over to the couch, enraged.

TEBOGO: You are poisoning my mother … I mean Lucille?!

KGOSI: How much of that conversation did you hear?

TEBOGO: Enough to know that my father is evil. How could you try to kill your wife? And threaten that woman? Who are you, really?

KGOSI: I am a businessman son. And in business you must be willing to do anything to get to the top and stay there.

TEBOGO: This is about the company? Dad – you are killing your wife! I always knew you were ruthless and power hungry, but this is insane. This is murder!

KGOSI: (Grabbing him by his shirt) Would you quit your whining and be a man. This is about taking the perfect opportunity and right now you are letting all opportunities slip through your fingers. You need to be more like me to have any hope of surviving in this world.

TEBOGO: (Pulling out of his father’s grip) I don’t want to be anything like you! You want to murder the only mother I’ve ever known. How can you stand there and tell me this is a business move?

KGOSI: That is exactly what this is Tebogo. You need to wake up and smell the coffee. This is our moment son. You and I can run this company. I am doing this for you.

TEBOGO: How? What do you mean?

KGOSI: You are strong. You have my drive, and I’ll teach you about the business. While you have been sleepwalking through life, I’ve been making plans to make sure that you have everything. Davidson Media could be yours, if you want it.

TEBOGO: Is that what you really think of me Dad? That I could own, could run, the company? I thought Clayton was going to take over.

KGOSI: Why do you think I am doing all of this? I believe in you Tebogo. With Lucille out of the way there won’t be anyone in Clayton’s corner. You can have the company free and clear. All you have to do is work with me. (Holding out his hand)

TEBOGO: (Stares at his father for a while, thinking, then shakes Kgosi’s hand) I want the company Dad. What do I need to do?

KGOSI: (Pulling him into a hug, laughing)That’s my boy. (Holding him at arm’s length looking at him with pride) You have made me so proud son. Leave everything to me; just make sure you stay on my side. (Phone rings) Will you excuse me son?

TEBOGO: Sure. I have to get to class anyway. I’ll see you later. (Exits)

KGOSI: (Answering the phone) Lungelo, is Ayanda’s body taken care of? Excellent! Listen, it looks like taking over the company is going be a lot easier. I have Tebogo on my side. I dangled a large carrot in his face and he fell for it … (Laughing) All I need is his proxy to complete my plan. We are going to run this company. Exits, still talking on the phone.)


Tell us: If you were Tebogo, would you trust your father?