KGOSI: I’m all for getting a quick buck, but this is ridiculous, Ayanda. This was not part of the deal.

AYANDA: I’m sorry. When you asked me to get your son hooked on drugs, did you think that was going to be cheap? And now I have a child to think about. Our child, Kgosi.

KGOSI: (Looking around) Are you insane? No-one is supposed to know about that. How can you say that in my home? Anyone could hear us. The plan was simple. Mommy’s boy Clayton gets hooked on drugs and you fool him into believing that you gave birth to his son so that he can be kept the hell away from my company. Instead you got greedy, which made you sloppy. Now Lucille is going to keep an eye on you, and that’s not good for me.

AYANDA: No Kgosi! You got greedy. You wanted your son out, but you also wanted to get into my pants. I’m sick of all these games. I keep stringing Clayton along when all I want is you. Your son is a good man. I want to come clean. He doesn’t deserve this.

KGOSI: (Grabbing her by the throat) I’ll be damned if I let some money-grubbing whore get in the way of what I want! There is no way in hell you’re telling Clayton anything. I realize now the only way to keep my secrets is to get rid of you … for good!

AYANDA: (Gasping for air) No, Kgosi let go of me … (Gasp) Please … (Gasp) don’t … I can’t … breathe.

Kgosi tightens his grip around her neck and moments later she goes limp and stops breathing.

KGOSI: (On the phone) Lungelo, where the hell are you? I have a crisis at home. Get here now! (Starts pacing. Soon there’s a knock on the door.)

LUNGELO: What’s going on? Why did you want to see me so late?

KGOSI: I have a mess you need to clean up. I want you to move this body now before someone sees it.

LUNGELO: This is Ayanda! What happened?

KGOSI: Stop asking so many questions. We don’t have time – someone might come downstairs and see this. It’s a miracle it hasn’t happened already.

LUNGELO: Okay, but you’re going to have to help me carry her. (They carry the body out.)

Kgosi comes back into the living room. Ella walks in.

KGOSI: Ella. What do you want?

ELLA: I’m going out to meet someone. Why are you being so sketchy? You look like you’ve just been caught with your pants down.

KGOSI: Oh Ella, is that your way of saying you want to get me out of my pants? Maybe rekindle what we had a few years ago?

ELLA: No thank you Kgosi. Don’t you have more than enough women crawling in and out of your sheets? Plus, what we had is in the past – a moment of weakness on my part.

KGOSI: Keep telling yourself that dear. I am off to bed. My offer still stands … in case your sheets are cold and you need a warm body next to you. Good night. (Exits)

There is a knock on the door and Ella opens it. Lungelo walks in, panicked.

ELLA: Darling, what’s the matter? Your text message had me worried. What is this bad thing that Kgosi wants you to do?

LUNGELO: He wants me to dump Ayanda’s body in Ellen Park River. He strangled the girl then we rolled her up in a rug, and now I need to dispose of her body!

ELLA: What!? Why in the world did he kill Ayanda?

LUNGELO: Ayanda was blackmailing him.

ELLA: What did that gold-digger have on Kgosi?

LUNGELO: Ayanda was originally paid off to date Clayton, get him hooked on cocaine so Lucille would be forced to take him out of her will because he was unstable and a drug addict. Kgosi couldn’t help himself – he seduced and slept with her during that time and got her pregnant. Then he paid her to make Clayton believe that the child was his. He’s killed her because Ayanda wanted to come clean. Now I have to clean up this mess!

ELLA: Kgosi killed someone? In this house? My goodness Lungi darling – this is fantastic. (Clapping enthusiastically) Alright, go dump the body then let Kgosi know the job has been done. This way he is indebted to you and he will do anything for you.

LUNGELO: Ella, this man is dangerous! He actually killed someone. He strangled her, she is dead! Does that not register in your mind?

ELLA: Stop whining and grow a pair. I want this company, so go do your job and get me my seat on the throne. Go! (Pushing him out the door)


Tell us: Was Ayanda deluded to think she could take on and stand up to a man like Kgosi?