At the office, Lerato is in the boardroom working late, when Lungelo walks in and stands by the door.

LUNGELO: (Grinning) How do you do it, Lerato? How do you just sit there and pretend that you have the company’s best interests at heart? I’m surprised, I must say. I didn’t expect little Miss Princess, financially-savvy, goody-two-shoes to be ruthless. So tell me, how did you erase all trace of the tweet you sent out?

LERATO: Lungelo, I haven’t a clue what you’re talking about. So if you don’t mind, I have work to do.

LUNGELO: You know exactly what I’m talking about! You’re the one who leaked information about Kgosi’s bastard to the press. You are a snake in the grass, Lerato Tlale. You’re not to be trusted.

LERATO: I’m not to be trusted? This coming from a shady lawyer with a criminal past? (Rolling her eyes) Give me a break.

LUNGELO: Well, at least I don’t hide behind my family’s golden reputation while I do dodgy things in secret. I own my sins. I don’t disguise them as good deeds.

LERATO: (Annoyed) What exactly do you want from me Lungelo?

LUNGELO: (Smiling) Nothing too strenuous Princess. I just want you to admit that you are behind that tweet and that you play dirty, just like the rest of us.

LERATO: (Angry) So what if I did? What are you going to do about it? You see, the difference between me and you is that I know how to play this game, and I play it well. I find ways around the obstacles. Kgosi got what was coming to him and I am just getting started. (Getting up and walking to the door) Now if you’d excuse me, I have somewhere to be. (Pushing him out of her way and walking out)

LUNGELO: Unbelievable!  (Speaking to himself)

Frustrated, Lungelo collects documents on the boardroom table. He is unaware of Ella walking in. She tip-toes over to him and places her hands over his eyes, surprising him.

ELLA: (Giggling) Hey there lover boy. Guess who?

LUNGELO: Ella! (Pulling her hands off his face) I thought we discussed this. You can’t come to the office and act this way. Nobody can find out about us! What if somebody walks in on us; Kgosi for instance?

ELLA: Relax, Kgosi is at home. He has his hands full with his mother right now. The perks of living in the enemy camp are endless. So don’t worry, your boss won’t catch us.

LUNGELO: Wait, so Lucille didn’t protest your unscheduled arrival? That is great. With you on the inside I … I mean, we will have intel on what is happening in that house. It will give us an advantage.

ELLA: Yes, I know darling. We are so close. We could easily steal this company from right underneath all of them. They won’t see us coming.

LUNGELO: Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. You still need to get Lucille out of the way.

ELLA: Darling. Lucille is seconds away from her death bed. All we have to do is wait for the cancer to do its job. It’s a shame really – she spent all that time building this company from the ground only to have it snatched away.

LUNGELO: (Pulling her into his arms and kissing her passionately.) Hmm baby, I love it when you talk dirty.

ELLA: Oh, so now you want to kiss me? Well, how about we take this somewhere a little more private? (Giggling, she pulls on his arms and they leave.)


Tell us: Did you suspect that Ella is after Lucille’s company? How do you like the twist with Lungelo?