Tebogo and Joyce come rushing into the living room. They are shocked when they see Lucille lying in a pool of blood.

JOYCE: Oh my God! Is she dead? Oh Jesus Christ there is so much blood. Hey wena – what happened here?

TEBOGO: Is she dead? Aunt Ella what happened? Did you see who did this?

ELLA: (Stuttering) I walked in and found her like this. (Begins to sob) Someone killed my sister. Oh my God … she’s gone. (Crying hysterically)

JOYCE: Let’s try to stay calm. We must call the police. (Clayton walks in, sees his mother, and begins to scream and shout.) Oh my boy, we must get you water and meds to calm you before you go mad again and add to our problems. I will call the police now. (Exits)

CLAYTON: (Sobbing) What happened? Who did this to my mother? Tebogo answer me! What happened.

TEBOGO: We don’t know Clay. We found her like this. There was no break-in or struggle. Someone just came in, stabbed her, and left her like this.

ELLA: It was your father. Don’t you see what is going on? He wanted your mother out of the way so he could take Davidson Media. Especially since she wanted a divorce.

CLAYTON: (Hysterical) No this can’t be happening. First Ayanda’s body is found in a river. Now my mother’s been stabbed.

TEBOGO: Wait – Ayanda is dead? I can’t …wait … what’s happening here?

ELLA: Your father is to blame.

CLAYTON: (Shouting) What are you talking about?! My dad is many things, but he is not a murderer. He wouldn’t kill anyone in cold blood.

ELLA: Clayton, your father is a monster. I know for a fact that he killed Ayanda. He killed her because he got her pregnant, and made you believe that your brother is your son. A simple paternity test can prove that. Not to mention that Kgosi paid Ayanda to get you hooked on drugs. That ruthless man slept with Thandi – the maid – got her pregnant, right under my sister’s nose. Then Tebogo was born and we were all fooled into believing that his birth mother died, while in actual fact she was serving us tea and scones. And now the bastard has killed my sister in cold blood.

CLAYTON: What? No! He couldn’t possibly have done all that. Abongile is not my son? Thandi is Tebogo’s mother? Ella no!

ELLA: Wake up and smell the expensive cologne. Your father is a snake. He is evil!

CLAYTON: Tebogo, why are you just standing there? You believe this?

TEBOGO: (Sighs) I do. I am shocked that my biological mother has been cleaning up after me all this time. However, I wouldn’t put this murder past our father. For the past six months Dad has been bribing Dr Bosman to give mom poisonous pills and make her believe she had cancer. All this to get her company. He told me himself yesterday; promised me a powerful position. I’m so ashamed … of how I allowed myself to be manipulated. And now this!

ELLA: Let’s give him what he deserves. I say let’s call a board meeting where we can expose him and have him arrested. Then the company will be in your hands. You two can take over, and Kgosi will have nothing.

CLAYTON: No! I can fix this. I will make dad … this monster … pay. I will fix it all. I have a plan. Nothing bad will happen again. (He rushes out of the door leaving them confused.)

TEBOGO: Clay? Where are you going? (Turns to Ella when he gets no response) Okay Aunt Ella, I’m with you. Let’s bring this bastard down. (They hear sirens and Joyce comes back in)

JOYCE: The police are here.

TEBOGO: I will let them in. (Exits)

ELLA: I’ll go change. I’m sure the police will want us to go with them to give our statements. (Exits)

JOYCE: (Thinking out loud.) Oh Kgosi, what have you got yourself into? If you did kill this witch of a woman I hope you have a plan.


Tell us: What do you think is Clayton’s plan to deal with his evil father?