Lucille and Joyce enter the dining room, arguing.

LUCILLE: Joyce, I am already late for my board meeting. I honestly don’t have time to be arguing about how much of a bad wife and mother I am.

JOYCE: You are a very bad mother and an even worse wife. I am warning you if you continue to ignore the signs from the ancestors, this family will continue to have bad luck.

LUCILLE: Which is it, am I making angry – God or the ancestors? I honestly can’t keep up anymore. I don’t think I could make them all angry. Surely my talents have limits. Also, my family will not be slaughtering anything, so stop with all that nonsense. It all sounds a little like witchcraft to me.

Joyce slaps Lucille. Lucille slaps her back and they stare at each other for a moment.

LUCILLE: Don’t you ever put your hands on me again!

JOYCE: You are evil Lucille. Never have I been this disrespected in my life. Soon you will get what is coming to you. Look at Clayton – he is sick, has bad habits. And Tebogo with this whole business about him having a different mother. You will remember my words when the going gets tough, trust me. Please tell my son I went back to my house. I can’t stay here anymore. I’m leaving today.

Joyce storms out of the room. Lucille continues to sort out her papers, muttering to herself. Suddenly she has abdominal pain and she collapses to the floor, calling out for Thandi. Ella comes rushing in, helps her up, and they sit on the couch.

ELLA: Lucille darling, are you okay? Thandi isn’t here. Didn’t you know?

LUCILLE: I’m fine. It’s just a little pain. And what are you talking about?

ELLA: Do you need your medication dear? I’ll go get it for you. Just wait here. (Gets up, but Lucille stops her)

LUCILLE: No, I’m fine. I don’t need your help. Just tell me where Thandi went.

ELLA: Seems she got into an altercation with Kgosi and left last night.

LUCILLE: I don’t believe you. Why would she leave because of Kgosi? (Clutching her stomach again and groaning)

ELLA: (Standing up) This is nonsense. I’ll be back in two ticks – I am going to get your meds.

LUCILLE: Stop it! Stop acting like you care. You know as well as I do that you are waiting for me to keel over and die. You want what I have, my company, and this house. You envy me.

ELLA: That isn’t true. Your company was Daddy’s company. I have a right to it too.

LUCILLE: Daddy’s company was a paper mill. I bought his office building which makes it mine, so you have no right to it. If anything you have a right to Daddy’s mill – which no longer exists.

ELLA: Lucille, why are you being so horrible to me?

LUCILLE: Because you are a lying, scheming, manipulative little troll. You honestly think I wouldn’t find out that you and your boy-toy are plotting to steal my company? Ella, when will you learn that I am always 10 steps ahead of you? You can wait with bated breath for me to die; you still won’t get my company. (Grins)

ELLA: You evil bi– … I can’t wait for you to die! Lucille, you are a miserable excuse for a human being. I have had to live in your shadow for years. Well I am good enough. You hear me? I am good enough. I don’t need you. You are not better than me. You no longer have a hold over me.

LUCILLE: Oh please Ella, everything you are is because of me. Face the fact that you want my life. You can’t stand that I have a family, a husband on my arm. While you’re alone and bitter.

ELLA: Oh and what a husband you have! A man who chases anything in a skirt, only because he isn’t satisfied in his marriage. You need to do us all a favour and just come out already. We all know you are secretly a lesbian, driving her husband into the arms of other women.

LUCILLE: (Slaps her hard across the face.) How dare you? I want you out of my house now. Get out Ella, and never come back!

ELLA: (Laughs hysterically) What? Does the truth sting? Oh but I am only getting started. Lucille you are pathetic. You drove your husband into the arms of the maid, who he got knocked up, right under your nose! Only, you were too busy chasing after Lerato to notice. Thandi is Tebogo’s biological mother. And not to mention that Ayanda also had Kgosi’s child – and you still remain oblivious.

LUCILLE: No – this is not true. You are a lying piece of trash Ella. I don’t believe you.

ELLA: Oh please. Kgosi has slept with the whole of Johannesburg. Even I’ve had a taste.

LUCILLE: How could you possibly know all of that?

ELLA: Turns out having boy-toy that also happens to be Kgosi’s lap dog has its perks. And I had a little heart-to-heart with Thandi before she left. Kgosi kicked her out because she wanted to tell the truth about being Tebogo’s biological mother.

Lucille slaps her again and as she is about to hit her once more Ella grabs a carving knife off the dining table.

LUCILLE: What exactly are you going to do with that knife?

ELLA: Take another step, and I’ll show you.

Lucille lunges at Ella, who thrusts the knife into her abdomen and up towards her heart. Lucille falls to the floor, writhes and groans, but soon is still. Shocked, Ella checks her pulse to see if she is still alive.

ELLA: (Panting) Lucille? Oh my God, what have I done? Lucille please wake up. I killed her! I … I killed her. (Laughs hysterically, then calms down, thinks. Her expression changes to one of glee. Whispers.) I am free! Oh thank the Lord! Okay Ella, it’s time to put on the performance of your life. Here goes nothing. (She screams as loud as she can.)


Tell us: Can siblings really have such intense rivalry and jealousy? Do you know any siblings who are enemies? Or is blood always thicker than water?