Thandi walks into the living room, anxious. She constantly checks her phone. Moments later Kgosi walks in, looking tired. He is surprised to see Thandi. Ignoring her, he heads to his bedroom.

THANDI: Kgosi, I have been calling, looking for you at the office. That Nkuli woman said you were out on lunch meetings. I have been waiting for you to come home, so we can talk.

KGOSI: Thandi, are you my wife? Why are you calling my work place asking about my whereabouts?

THANDI: I just really needed to speak with you.

KGOSI: About?

THANDI: Well Kgosi, seeing as Tebogo knows that Lucille isn’t his mother I was hoping that we could tell him the truth.

KGOSI: And what truth is that, Thandi?

THANDI: The truth about how you took advantage of your domestic worker. How you manipulated me into having an affair with you. How you got me pregnant. How you sent me away to hide my pregnancy. How the moment I gave birth you took my son. How I was forced to watch him being raised by another women all these years. Let’s start there.

KGOSI: (Laughing) I’m sorry. It’s just amusing that you think I’d actually tell Tebogo any of that. Thandi, you have no claim on my son, none whatsoever. And you are delusional if you think I will let you tell him anything. Hell will freeze over.

THANDI: Hayi Kgosi, why must you be so cruel?

KGOSI: Listen here you foolish woman. Tebogo will never hear of this and if you know what’s good for you, you’ll keep your mouth shut. Now stop with your nonsense and go get me a whiskey, on the rocks. (Thandi tries to argue, but Kgosi stops her) Now Thandi! (She leaves)

While Kgosi is sitting waiting he goes through his phone and makes himself comfortable on the couch. Thandi returns moments later, carrying a gun. She is shaking, and walks over to Kgosi and stands over him, pointing the gun in his direction.

THANDI: I want my son Kgosi. You have kept him away from me long enough. If you won’t let me be in his life as his mother, then I will have to kill you. I swear I will shoot you.

KGOSI: Then shoot me Thandi. What are you waiting for? (Standing so that the gun is pointing directly at his chest.) You see that little curve your finger is touching? That is the trigger. Now what you need to do is remove the safety catch, then pull the trigger. Pull the trigger!

THANDI: (Shaking) I will shoot you. I swear I will. Just give me my son, Kgosi!

KGOSI: Then shoot me.

Thandi pulls the trigger three times, and nothing happens. She trembles and drops the gun. She stares at Kgosi fearfully.

KGOSI: You disappoint me Thandi. Did you really think I would leave a loaded gun lying around? Now listen here, and listen good. You are in way over your head and this little stunt has cost you your son. So you better run. Run far away and never look back. I am giving you a head start, because if I find you I will make your pathetic life miserable. You will beg for mercy. Put that gun back in my desk drawer and get out of my house. Now!

Thandi grabs the gun and runs out of the room. Kgosi picks up his jacket and briefcase and heads to his room.


Tell us: Do you blame Thandi for wanting to kill Kgosi? What other options does she have?