Three weeks later…

Aunt Lucy and Noni are sitting together at home. Aunt Lucy’s phone rings.

AUNT LUCY: (answering the phone) Hello?

DETECTIVE: How are you? Is that Lucy Pakade speaking?

AUNT LUCY: Yes. Who is this?

DETECTIVE: This is Detective Sithole. This is about the case you reported three weeks ago. We think we have a lead. We would like your daughter to come to the police station today to identify the suspect.

AUNT LUCY: (looking at Noni and talking softly so that she doesn’t hear) But detective, is there any way that this can be done without Noni? This has been very difficult for her. I want her forget about what happened. She has changed after this ordeal. She doesn’t go out with her friends anymore and is always so afraid and restless.

DETECTIVE: I understand perfectly what you mean. But please try to understand. This is also a process of healing for her. Identifying the culprit will give her reassurance that he will be punished. She needs to go to counselling too. I can recommend someone who works at the clinic.

AUNT LUCY: I understand. I will try to be there as soon as possible. Thank you detective.

Aunt Lucy and Noni go to the police station. One of the men in the identification parade is Mlungisi. Noni recognises him and sobs in her Aunt’s arms as she points at him.

Some months later the case goes to trial and Mlungisi is convicted. He is sentenced to a number of years in jail. He has raped many women and has never been caught. All of his victims were young.

And now, many potential victims will be saved from that devil named Mlungisi. All thanks to Noni’s bravery.

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