It is a summer’s day – peaceful and quiet. Children are playing in the street. Noni is coming back from the spaza shop when suddenly a man appears in front of her.

MLUNGISI: Hi, beautiful!

NONI: Molo, bhuti.

Mlungisi: No, no, no, don’t run! I know you. Wow, you have grown up so quickly! How are you? What’s your name again, precious?

NONI: My name is Nonelela, Noni. I don’t remember you.

MLUNGISI: Yes, yes, I remember now. You are Noni. How are you baby girl? Where is your sister? It has been a long time since I spoke to her.

NONI: Are you talking about Kuhle, bhuti?

MLUNGISI: Yes! Who else? Where is Kuhle? What is she up to now?

NONI: She is at home.

MLUNGISI: Can you please pass my regards to her?

NONI: Ok I will, bhuti. But… I don’t know you. What’s your name?

MLUNGISI: I’m Mlungisi. Noni, do people tell you how beautiful you are? Such an angel. When I am around here again I will come and say hi to you and your sister. Do you still stay at errr…

NONI: No 3 Sikho Street.

MLUNGISI: That’s right. Ok, Noni, see you… and stay sweet. Next time I will bring something as sweet as you. Uyeva?

NONI: Ok, bhuti.

As Noni walks on towards home she wonders who the man is. She can’t remember him. Maybe he is a friend of her sister – she has lots of male friends. Maybe they have lost contact with each other. He seems to be a nice guy.

Tell us: Do you think that the man is being truthful and good?