Gregory and Kate arriving at Zanele’s house for the braai later that evening.

GREGORY: (Annoyed) I don’t know why you insist on leaving the house 45 minutes late. We should’ve been here ages ago!

KATE: (Wearing a black pencil skirt, trending black and red sandals and a red and white blouse) Have you never heard of making an entrance?

ZANELE: (Door opens) Hi chommie! Hi Gregory! Thanks for coming.

KATE: (Handing over a bottle of fine red wine and giving Zanele a light peck on the cheek.) Hi chom! Sorry we’re late. The car wash took a bit longer than usual to clean the Benz.

GREGORY: (Rolls his eyes)

ZANELE: (Not quite sure what to do with the useless information) Okay … no worries. Please come in. You both look … uh … lovely.
KATE: (Strutting catwalk style) Thanks chom! At least you appreciate the effort. (Side glance at Gregory)

ZANELE: (Whispering in Gregory’s ear, while pulling one of his high fashion braces) We did try to warn you that she can be … extra.

GREGORY: (Zanele pulls the brace strap and watches it snap back.) Ouch! You guys could have been a little more convincing.

ZANELE: (Laughs)

KATE: Gregory, this door is not going to open itself.

GREGORY: (Rolls his eyes again) Coming dear!

ZANELE: (Loud and pompously) Ladies and gentleman, I present to you Lord and Lady Abott!

(Everyone turns to stare.)

ONE GUEST: (Sarcastically) Where’s the horse-drawn carriage?

FRED: (Walks up to Gregory, offering a beer) I think you need this more than I do.

GREGORY: (Deep sigh)


Tell us: Does Kate deserve this teasing, or are they all just unkind?